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I want to start this post by saying:

I am not a writer I am an artist but I would really like to share something with you today. I think every CREATIVE person gets to the point where we have thoughts like: "I am not good enough in what I am doing", "I wish I was more/better trained", "I wish I had more money to invest in what I'm doing", " I wish I were more talented", "I am not the best in what I'm doing and there are thousands of people out there that do it better than I do". All these "I'm not enough"s and "what if they will criticize me"s and, even worse, "I am a complete failure"( I don't have thousands of followers, I am not in the news, I don't have this or that, I am not where I wanted to see myself at this point in my life). And when you have all these thoughts it makes it really hard to keep going and CREATE!! I think I got to this place... So I have listened to Brene Brown's talks ( ) and they have really inspired me! She was talking about how we have to be really BRAVE and practice courage to not lose our creative selves in our self-judgment and self-doubt. We need to step out there to be seen and to be vulnerable and courageous and only then can we truly be ourselves and CREATE! I want to challenge you to name this week "A week of courage". I made a decision for myself that I will be courageous this week and I will do things that I was afraid of doing before. I will not hide myself because I'm afraid of being humiliated. I will be BRAVE! I will create and I will be seen! And I ask you to do it with me, to make your week "A week of courage!". I dare you to be brave! I dare you to DO despite the fear of failure! I dare you to try to be youself this week!

A Week Of Courage


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