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Truth or dare? Dare to face the truth!For the last while I have been in a complete "dark art" mood, all the subjects that were coming to my head as ideas for the new paintings were full of sorrow and pain and even when I was trying to create something by just going with the flow and looking where it would take me, even then I got the feeling of deep sorrow.You know, those days when whatever comes out of your hand is creeping you out! Yep, it was totally creeping me out!!!And it made me think.... Sometimes when I see a painting that is bleeding with pain and a silent scream (not the "fake" kind of thing with a lot of dark elements damped in it by someone who pretends to be tough on the dark side, but the honest brilliant work of an artist who was honest with himself and not afraid to expose his feelings) I feel hypnotised and amazed by its beauty!!! I feel inspired!!! But what inspires me is not the suffering of the object of art but the level of honesty of it's author! I feel inspired by the artist who exposed his naked soul to the world in such a bold and brave way!!! But at the same time when I'm trying to be honest with myself and don't hold anything back when I'm painting, the result scares me. Have you ever had these feelings? It is easy to be inspired by somebody's "dark" artwork because it REFLECTS your own feelings, it inspires you in your own way but it is hard to face "dark" artwork of your own because you have to face YOUR OWN fears and pain and whatever else is there locked in the closet.Some people say it is easier to create positive and light and "happy" art some people say it is easier to work with dark emotions, what do you prefer?

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