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Why should you support Artists?


As you know I am participating in ETA Awards #ThrivingArtist Pre-Show where people VOTE for their favourite artworks. So I want to do this blog post about: why you should/shoukdn't support artist?

Why should you vote?

As an artists it is so important to us to get your support, because everything we do - we do for you! We are usually underrated and judged for out technique or vision, we hear "I don' understand this", "this guy does it better" and "is it even art?" a lot and it can be pretty hard on us! We don't have a steady income and some people consider us to be lazy or not serious because we dedicate our life and our time to art. We hear "get a normal job!" a lot but we are still creating and following our dreams! When you support us it is not a mark on our resume but a hug and "I see you, I believe in you, keep going" and we really need it! We are usually very hard on ourselves and always want to get better and do things better and create create create.... So when you support us it gives us the inspiration to keep going and keep creating! Because as I said everything we do - we do FOR you! So please take 5-10 minutes of your time to vote and support an artist, someone who needs your support more than you think! Lots of love to all of you beautiful people ❤️

You can supprt your favourite Toronto Artists by clicking on this link and voting for them!

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