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En Plein Air Art Challenge

Last week on July 18th I was participating in Artists' Network "En Plein Air Art Challenge" that was a part of #TOQS #TheOtherQueenStreet festival in Leslieville. I and 8 more artists were painting live in designated areas in Leslieville! I was fun experience, the weather was hot and awesome so we did burn a little bit BUT we have created some amazing artworks(in only 3-4 hours!!!) that went fot auction in the end of the day!

And you know what I love the most about this kind of events? Connecting with people! It was great opportunity to meet many new people and connect with them. Cheers to all the people who came to the festival and who engaged in some great conversations with us. Leslieville people - you rock!

Here is the photo report from "En Plein Air Art Challenge" :

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